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The sale, supply or purchase of prescription medicines online is not permitted in many countries throughout Europe.
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Facts About Fake Medicines

The law enforcement Operation Pangea IX 2016 coordinated by police authorities, customs and health authorities in 103 countries, targeted illicit online sale of medicines and medical devices. 4,932 illegal websites were suspended and 393 arrests made. Raids on illegal pharmacies with 334,000 parcels inspected with 170,340 detained. Products seized included slimming tablets, malaria and cholesterol treatments, erectile dysfunction treatments, anti-hair loss treatments and nutritional products worth over $53m and over 270,000 medical devices worth $1.1m. Fake cancer treatments were seized in Myanmar2.

97% of websites offering medicines for sale are illegal (globally). In Italy 100% are illegal1.

At any time, 30,000 illegal pharmacies are online1.

The global market in falsified medicines is estimated at 75 – 200 billion USD per annum3.

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